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Cai Slider_CAI

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show Don Christi'on connects with Huntsville Alabama native Cai. Cai shares his testimony of being born a child of high school sweethearts who divorced and forced him to grow up early and he also speaks about the Vacation Bible School his grandma forced him to go to.


Da-Vid DaVID

The week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show Mission and Don Christi'on were joined in studio by Da-Vid a brand new artists hailing from Seattle Wa. He shared his testimony of being raised in the church but running away from home and get involved with the wrong things and the wrong crowd. Da-Vid shares

Jus B

Jus B Jusb

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Jus B from Kansas City MO. He shares his life being raised in the Lord and seeking out a career in football but his life began to crumble. Find out how God changed and turned Jus B's life around in the testimony


SoVocab sovocab

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we are joined by SoVocab of Boston who comes by to share information about his debut album Pawns. He shared his testimony of falling victim to the gangster lifestyle and how God delivered him as well as knowing who is in his corner and who is

Devin Turner

Devin Turner Devin_turner

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we are joined by Devin Turner, hailing from DC. As a young boy full of low self-esteem, at the end of his rope he attempted suicide, Devin was looking for an outlet. After a close deathe of his brother and even the death of Tupac, his eyes began


Shanell Shanell

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show, Don Christi'on and Mission had a chance to connect with Shanell from Michigan. We talked on her Testimony and she shared how she was good enough and thought she didn't need God, until someone she looked up to passed away. She speaks on the growth and

Spencer Kane

Spencer Kane Spencerkane

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we are joined by Gospel Pop Artists and iShine Actor Spencer Kane. We also introduce a brand new host @TheRealMission and we speak with Spencer Kane about how he finally connected with God after being involved with many denominations in the church. Spencer shared with us

Jazz Digga

Jazz Digga Jazz Digga

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Jazz Digga coming from Everett Wa. We had him share his testimony of a quick scare and near death experience that allowed him to get a stronger connection with the Lord. Jazz was born to a musically gifted household and he was

Righteouz Knight

Righteouz Knight Righteouzknight

On this episode of The Yadah Da King Radio show we are joined by Righteouz Knight from New Jersey. He shared about a tape that he found on a rainy day that helped him turn his life around. What was on that tape? Also how he got started spitting and why he stays true to


Adia Slider_adia

This week on the The Yadah Da King Radio we are joined by Adia of Xist Music. She shares how God grabbed her even though she was strong willed. After singing since the age of 5, find out why she is using her gifts to glorify God. We also talked on the #TopicOfTheDay which was

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