Are you seeking to get people to know about your latest album, book, company and ministry!

Advertising on Yadah Da King Radio is a great way to get your news out.

We offer advertising through the following

* Splash Page for 1 month

* Background Pages(Each page on our website) for 1 month.

* 30 second Commercial for 1 months (Radio Push) (Commercial will be made with the information you supply please note that it is a 30 second commercial and we will use the most valid information if things need to be taken out and commercial will be subject to your approval)

* Banners on our website (Banner sizes needed are 728×90 & 160×600 both dimensions are in pixels and use 300 DPI for best results)

* Twitter Promo Tweets that we will send and attach your twitter account and promote for you and your project for 1 month.

If you are in need of graphics we have a graphic designer from Genuine Life that can take care of you! Email with Subject Line (Yadah Da King Advertising).

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