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Reflect Reflect

The Young Gun from New York shares what’s going down with him
Hear how his family looked good but all wasn’t good
His newest album Mirror is out and see what Reflection it was showing
Who is some of Reflects Favorite HHH artists right now
Topic of the Day was On Abstinence in the areas of sex
For more information on Reflect visit his website


Viktory Viktory

The Savvy Business Man Assistant Pastor and Incredible Artist
But how did he come to know Jesus as his Lord and Savior?
What the who Birth of a Legacy Campaign about and who is he leaving a Legacy for?
For more information on Viktory visit his website 

Mark Arthur Away From Here Music Video

Mark Arthur Away From Here Music Video Mark Arthur Away From Here Music Video


Dillon Chase

Dillon Chase Dillon Chase

Parents who were addicted to Drugs and Alcohol but still went to church Christmas and Easter
Hear at what age he gave his life to Christ but also when this relationship with GOD began to click
Find out some of the things Dillon Chase has done to change his music and ministry
Also the topic of the Day was Set Apart & Holy something that at times gets overlooked
Is it necessary to be Set Apart & Holy or can we be in and of the world
For more information on Dillon Chase visit 

Stephen The Levite

Stephen The Levite Stephen The Levite

We had our second artist, Stephen The Levite, from Lamp Mode drop by and share his take on HHH
The topic was about the Building Together and the importance of connecting with other people.
Hear what Stephen the Levite had to say about the Church
For more information on Stephen The Levite visit 

Erica Diamonds

Erica Diamonds Erica Diamonds

We have seen her every where Holy Hip Hop has been
We found out beside her latest smash hits she leads praise and worship
and is also a member of a long family line of preachers
The topic of the day was all about being Purified The Who, What, Where, Why and When
For more information on Erica Diamonds visit her website www.ericadiamonds.com


Karmyn Karmyn

New Emerging Artist stepping on the scenes from Atlanta
She shares how she left doing music to begin to do ministry
Hear some of the things she was delivered from in order to stand with God
and a Bangin’ Topic of the Day Grown Up, What does it mean to be Grown Up?
For more information on Karmyn visit 


Blaze Blaze

From almost losing her life to coming to Christ see where the transition came
Young sister who has made a decision to use Hip Hop For God
The topic of the day is the Mind of God
For more information on Blaze visit he site


Brothatone BrothaTone

After the Hiatus He is back and now teamed up with Reflection Music Group
Find out why he took the break from the whole music Scene
Topic of The Day Does God Care?? What’s your thoughts? Have you ever asked yourself this?
For more information on Brothatone visit

Chances R

Chances R ChancesR

From going through a divorce and speaking on it in his music
To know the benefit of the topic of the Day GOD’s Timing
For more information on Chances R visit 

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