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B-Luv B-Luv

Young Cat from New Jersey comes by and shows us that maturity isn’t based on Age
He dropped by to share his thoughts and his heart on his brand new album entitled Growth available now
Find out how he got started doing his music and some of those who influence
We got on the topic of the day which was Confidence Are you Confident in the gift God has given??? Was God confident when he gave us this gift??? Connect with B-Luv on twitter @ImBLuv


Yaves Yaves

How did Yaves find out God is real and what was the prayer he wanted God to answer
The Intentionality of Jesus and how it must be reflected in our lives
The Powerful song about Butterflies and the wrist bands that go along with it
The topic of the day was on Character. What is Character??? When does it need to be adjusted??? How can we adjust our character??? For more information on Yaves connect on twitter at


Armond Armond

Currently Residing in Ohio we were blessed by Armond Wake Up. Rapping since the age of 7 years old find out when he really got serious about mic ripping. Also he was faced with College or the Military and being moved away from his family. He was searching for more in life and God was able

Sauce Remix

Sauce Remix Sauce Remix

Hear about how young Sauce was kicked out of both of his parents houses and had his whole life remixed at his grandma’s house
He shared his heart in his music and life
The topic of the day was on Change. Is it necessary for Change??? How does change come??? How does Discipleship affect change???
Connect with Sauce Remix on twitter at @SauceRemix

K Sparks

K Sparks K Sparks

It’s been a minute since we had anyone visit Yadah Da King from New York
We were joined by newcomer to Christian Hip Hop K Sparks
Humble’s The New Cocky find out what this means
The Topic of the Day was about being Humble. What does Humble Look like and why is it necessary???
Connect with K Sparks on Twitter @KSparksTV

Adam and Kizzie

Adam and Kizzie AdamAndKizzie

How sickness and darkness had them bound until the Light of Christ came in their lives
How marriage came about between the 2 longtime friends
The Topic of the Day Freedom How is it obtained and kept???
Connect with them on twitter @AdamandKizzie

Pastor Harold

Pastor Harold Pastor Harold Franklin

Special Father’s Day Episode Don Christi’on brings his Father, Friend and Pastor Harold Franklin Jr
Hear what kept him from pursuing ministry at first and why he now is moving forward
The Topic of the Day Discipling Why are Disciples important and why is it so resisted
For more information on Pastor Harold Franklin Jr visit www.NewCreationWa.org

Dee On The Track

Dee On The Track DeeOnTheTrack

Born in raised in the church yet he first heard the gospel by going along with someone doing street ministry
The Drummer who didn’t like hip hop but know makes hip hop bangers
See what equipment he works with and who poured into him as a producer
Topic of the Day Power. Who really has the power??? What does a powerful life look like???
Connect with him on Twitter @DeeOnTheTrack

Michelle Paulino

Michelle Paulino Michelle Paulino

Special Guest Michelle Paulino a native of Brazil came to share her story
She shares the difference between relationship and religion
Who was a huge influence for her giving her life to Christ?
When and why did she began to use her gift for God
The topic of the day Shaken Faith! What happens when our faith is shaken??? How do we keep our faith firm??? For more information on Michelle Paulino visit her at

DJ TWalk

DJ TWalk DJTwalk

Who is Papa that DJ TWalk is always talking about
How his Love for God and Hip Hop helped him become a DJ
White Out Party in Alaska and Tips on being a Radio Personality
The Topic of The Day Stay Strong How do We stay Strong in our Faith and Strengthen Others
For more information visit DJ TWalk at

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