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Hayday Films

Hayday Films Hayday Productions

He used his imagination to beat the game with the help of his mother
See how God open the door for the minstry he is currently using
The Topic of the Day Follow God
How do we know when we are following Him and when we aren’t
For more information check out www.Haydayfilms.com

Kaleb Starr

Kaleb Starr KalebStarr

A Heavy Bar Spitter from Cincinnati came by to share his story with us
How he got involved with doing music and what he is really trying to produce from his music
Also we asked is Church Community necessary
Topic of the Day is about Jehovah Jireh??? What does that name mean??? and how does this apply to us???
For more information on Kaleb Starr visit him at his site

5 Star General Winter 2013

5 Star General Winter 2013 5star

Playlist SPEC ft D-Maub-Madagascar Da Truth- JIFE Mouthpi3ce- Spark It Still Trill Christians ft Jor'dan Armstrong-Winner Sean C Johnson-Molasses W.L.A.K.-W.L.A.K. Cyphr Sherrod White- One In A Million Giel-Sometimes God Denzel (Rich Boys)-Lord I Trust You Big Fil-We Go Hard Antonious-One My Game GS-Yap Yap B-Shock ft JusB & BabyBoy-Redeemed Lavoisier-Early Mornin' Cash Hollistah ft Sean


Mouthpi3ce Mouthpi3ce

What did a week full of dreams have to do in changing his life
Mouthpi3ce also shared some real things that happened in life that made he re-examine and evaluate his beliefs
Topic of the Day was on Relationships Who we should have them with, why and How???
For contact for Mouthpi3ce visit him at

Legacy Musik

Legacy Musik Legacy Musik

He was apart of the New Years Unity Music Fest and we had to connect with him
Hear about him being raised as a PK and him trying to write a secular song
What his heart is about ministry in the local Church
The topic of the day was about Bondage
How do we become victums of bondage??? But more importantly how can we become free???
For more information on Legacy Musik visit his website

DJ Noble

DJ Noble Slider_DjNoble

We were joined by DJ Noble From VA he came by to share His city His faith His Gift and His God
Growing up with a form of Christianity but didn’t have a relationship with God
He shared his latest project with us entitled THE PIECE PRIZE: PREGAME WARMUP
Are you Consumed with Worry??? We talk on the topic of the day to learn how we can defeat worry and all that comes along with it.
For more information on DJ Noble hit him up on twitter at

Fadacy Music Group

Fadacy Music Group Fadacy Music

The Members of Fadacy Music Group slid through to show us love and talk about the latest project entitled The Outsiders

Jor’dan Armstrong

Jor’dan Armstrong Jordan Armstrong

Jor’dan Armstrong came through to share his Latest Album and what makes him Stronger
The Temptations in High School that made him run to God for help
Is there Ministry lined up for Jor’dan Armstrong
The I Love Jesus Fad has begun but Do people really mean it???
Topic of the Day was on Love God. How do we show we Love God???
For more information on Jor'dan Armstrong visit his site

Jenifer Iroc Jesus

Jenifer Iroc Jesus Jenifer Iroc Jesus

In my opinion she is like the Ladies version of Yadah Da King Radio
Many have heard the tough things about being a pastor’s child, but what did Jenifer have to say about being a PK.
Who impacted her life the most growing up.
The Topic of the Day was about the Heroes of the Faith.
Who do we look up to in the word of God??? Who living now will we categorize as Heroes of the Faith???
For more information on Jenifer Iroc Jesus check her out at

God’s Servant

God’s Servant God's Servant

One of the newest Artists to sign to Lamp Mode Recordings shares how he wasn’t a stranger to the Label
Living in a house where he did as he pleased find out how he came to become God’s Servant
Find out what TV show made God’s Servant begin to read the word of God
We talked on the topic of the day which was Heart Conditions. What are the signs of a good or Bad Heart??? Also we talked about Hardened Heart??? For more information on God's Servant visit him at

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