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DJ Jesus Beats

DJ Jesus Beats DjJesusBeats

Joined by DJ Jesus Beats of www.Hot316.com and West Coast Fiya
He shared his issue that he dealt with after he got saved that involved weaning (That’s Right)
He shares his tips on the art of DeeJaying 3 Hot Mixes and why he actual does it
Last But not least #TheTopicOfTheDay Marketing Is this Necessary and How is it Done???
#Connect with him at

DJ Will from Jacksonville

DJ Will from Jacksonville DjWill

Before surrendering to Christ he was heavy into the strip clubs on saturday and church on sunday
Everybody’s Favorite Cuzn Dj Will shares how God woke him up in a dream
DJ Will first started taking mixes from 2 popular DJs to learn how to get going . Find out Who!
#TheTopicOfTheDay Dreams does God use them??? How do we react to them???

Roy Tosh

Roy Tosh RoyTosh

We Reconnected with the man formerly known as 737
Why the name change and how has his brand changed
The developmental process of this new album The Revert and the ceiling that he reached
#TopicOfTheDay Unique!! How do we be unique in our faith??? Guidelines for being unique???
Connect with Roy Tosh at

Seize Da Movement

Seize Da Movement Seize

God is still powerful enough to grip you even through pain and hurt
That’s the story that Seize Da Movement is able to share with us
The Love that comes from the simple things
Finally the #TopicOfTheDay was all about True Growth. What are some things to see if we are growing??? What helps produce growth???
Connect with Seize at

DJ Sean Blu

DJ Sean Blu DJSeanBlu

The 6 Million Dollar Man aka DJ Sean Blu joins us and put together a mix for us all to enjoy
Find out how he got started being a DJ after he felll in love with an instrument
#TopicOfTheDay – Serving!!! How and who to serve and why should we serve others
5 Tips for DJs
Connect with DJ Sean Blu at

DJ I Rock Jesus

DJ I Rock Jesus DJIRockJesus

With over 100 mixtapes DJ I Rock Jesus has been a force to be reckoned with in the Christian Hip Hop Arena
At one time he used his Djing to promote sin but find out when he turned it all over
Find out all about DJ I Rock Jesus as he shares in this transparent interview
#TopicoftheDay Direction When do we know we need it??? What if its not clear???
Connect with DJ I Rock Jesus on twitter at


Smiley-D SmileyD

Smiley-D slid by and had a chance to chop it up with Deejay Kingdom 7 as well as Don Christi'on. He shared how though being raised in the church he didnt fully comprehend the word until God answered his prayer one night. He also has his brand new album in which he explains how he

Chris Cobbins

Chris Cobbins ChrisCobbins

Ever had something bad happen in your life or not go the way you want them to go
Find out Chris Cobbins new outlook on these things
Artists and the Importance of Branding
The Topic of the Day Evangelism Is it necessary??? Why should we Evangelize???
Connect with Chris Cobbins on twitter at



SOCOM shares something God Revealed to him in the last months that lightened a burden on his heart
We also spin the 3 hot singles from the New Album called About Face and Why the title for the Album
The Topic of the Day was about Tradition Is this Good or Bad???
Connect with SOCOM on twitter @SOCOM2009


B-Luv B-Luv

Young Cat from New Jersey comes by and shows us that maturity isn’t based on Age
He dropped by to share his thoughts and his heart on his brand new album entitled Growth available now
Find out how he got started doing his music and some of those who influence
We got on the topic of the day which was Confidence Are you Confident in the gift God has given??? Was God confident when he gave us this gift??? Connect with B-Luv on twitter @ImBLuv

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