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Jenifer Iroc Jesus

Jenifer Iroc Jesus Jenifer Iroc Jesus

In my opinion she is like the Ladies version of Yadah Da King Radio
Many have heard the tough things about being a pastor’s child, but what did Jenifer have to say about being a PK.
Who impacted her life the most growing up.
The Topic of the Day was about the Heroes of the Faith.
Who do we look up to in the word of God??? Who living now will we categorize as Heroes of the Faith???
For more information on Jenifer Iroc Jesus check her out at

God’s Servant

God’s Servant God's Servant

One of the newest Artists to sign to Lamp Mode Recordings shares how he wasn’t a stranger to the Label
Living in a house where he did as he pleased find out how he came to become God’s Servant
Find out what TV show made God’s Servant begin to read the word of God
We talked on the topic of the day which was Heart Conditions. What are the signs of a good or Bad Heart??? Also we talked about Hardened Heart??? For more information on God's Servant visit him at



ZG raised as a PK but when did he finally understand who Jesus Christ Is???
How did he learn to write music and what instrument does he play
The topic of the Day was on Clarity. Is it possible to have clarity in our walk with God in all areas of our life??? What are some things that need to be cleared up in our life???
For more information on ZG visit his site at

Da Pioneer

Da Pioneer Da Pioneer

Da Pioneer comes to talk about his free album Entitled I Just Want to Bless You on Dasouth.com & Rapzilla.com
We had him share what he feels is the difference between East Coast & West Coast Rap
Hear about how he came back to the Lord at age 22 because of the seed planted in him
The topic of the Day was Prayer Life. Even though we know this why do we neglect Prayer???
Is there benefits to a Prayer Life???
For more information on Da Pioneer hit him on twitter @DaPioneer


Datin Datin

Winner of BET Battles was pursuing a career in the music industry until God called him and had him take a seat
Now God has prepared him and brought him back to Hush all the nonsense in hip hop today
His brand new project with TeeWyla and how they connected
We got on the Topic of the Day CoSign Secular!! Is this something believers should do???
If so how can we do it without compromising our Christianity???
Connect with Datin on twitter @Datin_TripleD

Louie Praseuth

Louie Praseuth Louie Praseuth

A testimony of a long search for identity, How did he find out who he is called to be
Find out why he walked away from what many would consider the fabulous life
The Topic of the Day was about Where Is Hope???
Is the world slanging material things to give us hope??? How should we show the world our Hope is in Jesus???
For more information on Louie Praseuth visit his site at

DJ COV of 60 Minutes of Swag

DJ COV of 60 Minutes of Swag 60MinutesOfSwag

Mr Untouchable until a church visit at 15 changed his life, even though he didn’t want to clap his hands
Hear how his Uncle helped intervine in his life to keep him from death
We got on the Topic of the Day which was Graduate In the Faith.
For more information on DJ COV visit



Currently Senior Pastor at Destination Christian Center Of Tacoma but he shares how Raised in the Church The Church wasn’t raised in him
Perspective on Life after Gang-Banging and Drugs and transition in the ministry of Christian Hip Hop
Topic of the Day Marriage Are you Married to God??? Why is marriage attacked so much???
Catch up with CBG on twitter @Pastor_CBG


Oracle Oracle

Half of Concrete Evangelists from the PDX
Fresh of a collab with Tony Stone on his New Mixtape Acknowledging the Present
Find out why God had to remove his sanity to get him back to him
The Topic of the Day “Trustworthy”
Is there anyone Truly Trustworthy & Do we consider God Trustworthy
For more info on Oracle connect with him on twitter @Oracle_503

Andre Balboa

Andre Balboa Andre Balboa

The San Diego Native Slides through to share his latest EP and why he is no stranger to the fight
Why He wants to come in 2nd Place
The Topic of the Day was about Evangelism.
How do we affectively Evanglize??? Who should Evangelism???
For more information on Andre Balboa visit him at

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