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Deacon DAS

Deacon DAS DeaconDAS

From Another World
ft Deacon DAS

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show Don Christi'on & Mission were joined by Deacon DAS and  as he comes to share his brand new album OtherWorldly. In Deacon Das' testimony he shares the death of his close friend made him examine himself and make sure he was were he wanted to be. He also shares the benefits of being saved in his 20s. Find out he begin his […]

Drew Allen

Drew Allen DrewAllen

Serving ft
Drew Allen

This week we are joined by Drew Allen from California who shares his brand new album Jenesis. He shares that he moved around and wasn't into church until someone invited him. He speaks of the high school years and the difficulties he faced being the "Christian Boy". His losing it all at college and the dreams God gave him to warn him. We find out how he found he can sing around 16, […]

Sound Off

Sound Off YDKSoundOff

YDK Sound Off

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we decided to do a more interactive show where we connect with people in our community to have them share testimony, the things God has placed on their heart as well as callers sharing their input on the last episodes Topic of The day Facetime. Special Guests on this show are Anthony Swinney sharing about his new kidney, and Barnabas & Amy T shout #FreeSaeed. We […]



ft JG

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we connected with JG from the bay.  He shares how he was a foster child and the ups and downs of the foster system dealing with anger and drugs. What was the Turning point that brought him to have a relationship with Christ. Hear how JG started writing songs sang background for gospel greats and how he connected with Black Knight. The topic […]


Mic-O MicO

The Truth Challenge
ft Mic-O



This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by the vocalist Mic-O. He shares his testimony of not being serious about his relationship with the Lord and how his father's death lead him to get serious about his relationship with Jesus. On the artist focus the Young Nigerian shares his music came from being in church performing through different African villages and him learning how to perfect […]

Dru Bex

Dru Bex DruBex

ft Dru Bex

This week on The Yadah Da King Radio Show we are joined by Toronto Canada native Dru Bex of Role Model Records. In this episode Dru Bex shares his testimony how his mother who was a believer passed at age 7 and him being with his unsaved father. Also how his grandma help save him from a situation that was a near death experience. He also shares how at a Church […]

Buck Barnabas

Buck Barnabas BuckBarnabas2

Motivation ft
Buck Barnabas


This week on the Yadah Da King Radio show we were reunited with Buck Barnabas from Rochester New York. He shares how and why he has been making sure God is number one in his practical life. We talked about his new ventures in the art in Young Disciple and his new EP Streetlights in Egypt. The topic of the day was about Motives. What is motivating you and how do we be motivated […]


Murk Murk

ft Murk

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Murk from Dedicated Music Group of Memphis. Murk shared her story of being raised in the word and constantly in the church but due to church hurt she moved and eventually drifted away, being caught up in the club life and all that came with it. Find out how God snatched her out of that lifestyle! Murk lets us know how […]

Sean C Johnson

Sean C Johnson Slider_SeanCJohnson

Mountains ft
Sean C Johnson

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show we were joined by Sean C Johnson and discuss what he has been up to as of late as well as his latest album entiltled Circa 1993. He shared his love for being a mentor and helping kids in his area. We also ask him how he knows when to spit or when to lay some vocals on his track as well as some […]


Toi Toi

Bible Study
ft Toi

This week on the Yadah Da King Radio Show, Don Chrsti'on and Mission were joined by Toi from St Louis. She just released her brand new EP called Change Over Currency. Toi shares her testimony of being raised in the hood and some of the ways she learned. She also shared how secular music played a huge role in her life but she heard Trip Lee and Flame and it changed her life. Topic of […]

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